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By AbuAli alFadl ibn alHasan at Tabarsi - XKP

Muhammad, the Prophet, and Fatima az-Zahra (the Radiant)

The Prophet of Islam (s), his symptoms, miracles, biography and relations existence, and a biography of his daughter woman Fatima (a).

A Partial translation of I'lamu 'l Wara bi Alami 'l-Huda by way of Abu Ali al Fadl ibn al Hasan ibn al Fadl at Tabarsi (c. 468/1076 - 548/1154)



Abu Ali al Fadl ibn al Hasan ibn al Fadl at Tabarsi


Dr. Mahmoud AyoubDr. Lynda Clarke



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A guy whom I belief advised me that Muhammad's appear­ance from the progeny of Ishmael and his personality are depicted within the Torah in those phrases: “I have heard the prayers of Ishmael and feature blessed him. I shall elevate him and multiply his numbers via a descendant of his known as Muhammad. The numerical worth of the letters of his identify is ninety‑two. I shall bring on from his progeny Twelve Imams, who might be rulers. I shall provide him nice multitudes of fans. ”[17] one other of his symptoms is what the relied on One (perhaps the 6th Imam) acknowledged that he learn within the Gospel: “I am God the eternal who shall by no means stop to be. think within the un­lettered prophet, the guy of the camel, woollen garment and of the crown (which is the turban) and the 2 sandals and the employees (which is the rod). he's a guy of huge eyes and huge brow, vivid complexioned with slender nostril and parted the teeth. His neck is sort of a silver pitcher, and it's as if gold runs down the 2 aspects of his neck. a skinny and wonderful line of hair runs from his chest to his navel, yet he has no hairs on his belly and chest. he's of a gloomy color. He shall have huge palms and toes. while he turns to seem, he turns altogether. while he walks, it's as if he's pulled out of a rock, or comes out of a troublesome stone (i. e. , he walks with confidence). while he walks with humans, he overtakes them. The sweat on his face is like pearls, and the body spray of musk shall emanate from him. nobody like him used to be ever noticeable sooner than, or will ever be noticeable after him. His breath is aromatic. He shall marry many girls, but he shall have few teenagers. His descendants shall come from a blessed girl (that is, his daughter Fatimah), who has a mansion ready for her in Paradise. In him there will likely be neither clamor nor self-importance. He will probably be her mother or father within the final days as Zechariah used to be the dad or mum of your (Jesus's) mom. [18] She shall have teenagers (that is Hasan and Husayn) who can be martyred. His speech will probably be the Qur'an, and his faith will likely be Islam; for i'm (the Lord of) Peace. Blessed (tuba) is he who shall see his time, witness his days and listen to his phrases. ”[19] Jesus requested: “My Lord, what's tuba? ” He spoke back: “It is a tree in Paradise which I planted with my very own hand. Its color covers the gardens (of Paradise). Its roots are of ridwan (this time period is usually used because the identify of the guard­ian angel of Paradise, yet the following it really is used to intend Divine Pleasure). Its water is of tasnim (a river operating down from a mountain in Paradise nearest the Throne). Its coolness is like that of kafur and its style is like that of zanjabil (para­disial aromatics usually pointed out within the Qur'an). Any­one who beverages as soon as of that spring shall by no means be thirsty. ” Jesus acknowledged: “O God, supply me to drink of it. ” He replied: “It is forbidden the prophets to drink of it until eventually that Prophet first beverages of it; it truly is forbidden the countries to drink until eventually the neighborhood (ummah) of that Prophet first beverages of it. I shall take you as much as me,[20] and ship you down on the finish of time to determine wonders from the neighborhood of that Prophet, and that you simply could help them opposed to the accursed Dajjal.

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