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The excellent spouse to the highly profitable Gem Calorie Counter, it is a convenient transportable consultant to carbohydrates in daily meals now stronger and optimised for e-readers and capsule units, with absolutely searchable textual content and tables.

Perfect for these following the quick vitamin (5:2 Diet), Dukan vitamin, Atkins vitamin or different weightloss diets.

Clearly laid out tables supply information of web carbohydrates in keeping with component (slice, biscuit, apple) making it fast and straightforward to use.

Reducing carbohydrates and following a excessive protein vitamin has turn into a favored and potent method of shedding pounds and maintaining these additional kilos off. The curiosity within the Dr Atkins New nutrition Revolution is apparent facts of this.

The key to following a high-protein nutrition is to manage your carbohydrate consumption. Collins Gem Carb Counter is a advisor to the web carb contents of daily meals. It additionally offers energy, protein and fat.

Information is given in keeping with component to make it effortless to take advantage of. excessive protein, carb-counting diets are usually known as a man’s nutrition and this emphasis on parts instead of a hundred g implies that there's much less figuring out involved.

Boredom is usually the downfall of the carb counter, so a piece is integrated which provides feedback for various food: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

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Five 15. zero 121 eight. 7 zero. five extensive beans, small can (200g) 17 eight. four eight. 6 128 thirteen. four zero. 6 Butter beans: small can (200g) 26 nine. 2 sixteen. eight 154 eleven. eight 1 dried, boiled (115g) 21 five. nine 15. 1 118 eight. 1 zero. 7 Cannellini beans, small can (200g) 27 12 15 168 thirteen. 6 zero. 6 Chick peas: small can (200g) 32. 2 eight. 2 24 230 14. four five. four dried, boiled (115g) 20. eight four. nine 15. nine 138 nine. 6 2. four Chilli beans, small can (200g) 27. 6 7. four 20. 2 158 nine. 6 1 Flageolet beans, part can (100g) 22. four 2. four 20. zero 132 nine. zero zero. 7 Haricot beans, 115g dried, boiled 19. 6 7 12. 6 109 7. five zero. 6 Hummus, 2 tbsp 6. 2 1. 6 four. 6 fifty three 1. five 2. 6 Lentils, 115g: green/brown, boiled 19. three four. three 15 one hundred twenty 10 zero. eight crimson, cut up, boiled 20 2. 2 17. eight 114 eight. 7 zero. five Marrow fats peas: small can (200g) 24. 6 nine. eight 14. eight 154 eleven. eight 1 quick-soak, 115g forty seven. nine sixteen 31. nine 331 28. nine 2. 7 Mung beans, 115g boiled 17. four three. four 14 104 nine zero. five Pinto beans: boiled, 115g 27. three – 27. three 157 10. 1 zero. eight refried, 2 tbsp four. 6 – four. 6 32 1. nine zero. three purple kidney beans: small can (200g) 35. 6 17 18. 6 2 hundred thirteen. eight 1. 2 boiled, 115g 19. eight 10. three nine. five 118 nine. 6 zero. 6 Soya beans, 115g dried, boiled five. eight 7 _ 161 sixteen eight. three cut up peas, 115g, boiled 25. nine three. 1 22. eight a hundred and forty four nine. five 1 Tofu (soya bean curd), 2 tbsp: steamed zero. nine – zero. nine ninety four 10. four five. four fried 2. 6 – 2. 6 337 30 22. eight TIP: diet B1 (thiamine), present in beans, oats and full grains, is a brilliant nerve tonic, and will assist you suppose calmer and extra clear-headed in instances of tension. TIP: upload beans, chickpeas or lentils to soups and casseroles as a very good resource of fibre and to make the meal extra filling. meals kind Carb (g) Fibre (g) internet carb (g) Cal (kcal) seasoned (g) fats (g) Cereals Barley, pearl, 100g eighty three. 6 7. three seventy six. three 360 7. nine 1. 7 Bran, 100g: wheat, dry 26. eight 39. 6 – 206 14. 1 five. five soya, cooked 15 fifty five – 169 sixteen five Bulgur wheat, dry, 100g seventy five 1. eight seventy three. 2 354 eleven 1. five Couscous, dry, 100g seventy two. five 2 70. five 355 23. five 1. nine Cracked wheat, 100g seventy five 1. eight seventy three. 2 354 eleven 1. five Polenta, ready-made, 100g 15. 7 – 15. 7 seventy one. nine 1. 6 zero. three Wheatgerm, 100g forty four. 7 15. 6 – 302 26. 7 nine. 2 clean beans & peas: see greens For extra soya items: see Vegetarian TIP: payment the packaging on soya beans to determine in the event that they are genetically changed, if this is often a subject that issues you. TIP: Rinse canned beans completely sooner than you employ them to eliminate pollutants. BISCUITS, CRACKERS AND CRISPBREADS beware of trans fat – hydrogenated or partly hydrogenated oils – on your biscuits. you have got to visit well-being nutrients outlets to discover choices with no those harmful fat. evidently, biscuits are a naughty deal with if you’re on a carb-controlled vitamin. They’re principally ‘empty energy’ (i. e. with no a lot dietary benefit), yet they include a great deal of sugars to be laid down as fats cells. with the intention to have crackers or crispbreads together with your cheese, pick out those with the top fibre count number – rye or wholegrain crispbread, oatcakes or high-fibre Ryvita. TIP: just about all packets of biscuits have a ‘per biscuit’ foodstuff breakdown at the packet. money this on whichever ones you opt, as values can differ from one producer to the subsequent. Watch the sugar and salt content material in biscuits. decide on the bottom. nutrients style Carb (g) Fibre (g) internet carb (g) Cal (kcal) professional (g) fats (g) candy biscuits Abbey crunch, each one 7.

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