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By Rick Simpson, Jindrich Bayer

The most recent publication from Rick Simpson and Jindrich Bayer in particular info tips on how to use hashish extract drugs to treatment melanoma, going into vast element at the professional Rick Simpson protocol.

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It's going to evaporate and take the naphtha with it. poisonous solvent then turns into non-toxic solvent. this isn't my genuine identify, it's a disgrace that i will not use my actual account for worry of being fired or employed as a nurse. ” Bobbie “To locate Naphtha within the united kingdom, search for “panel wipe” or “fast panel wipe”. it's a product utilized in automobile 39 CURE FOR melanoma: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL physique paintings fix, to scrub the steel & go away no residue. the trouble is discovering an in depth checklist of the precise components as they could differ. ninety nine. nine% Isopropanol might be effortless to discover. ” Em “Rick Simpson, now we have your method utilizing VM&P Naphtha and every thing went based on plan aside from the 1st couple of syringe attracts which got here out a bit extra liquid than we anticipated. I extra a number of drops of water and attempted back and it kind of feels to be superb. My basically concern/question is the flavor. It nonetheless tastes like solvent. Is that okay or do i have to do whatever extra? The recipient of this can be napping for approximately 12 hours at any time when he's taking the oil. Is that approximately correct until eventually he develops a tolerance? Any assistance is tremendously liked. ” Pamela -- VM&P doesn't appear to be an excellent solvent (although a few MSDS says it's going to be an analogous substance as what we wish to use). it sort of feels to be heavy naphtha and it doesn't appear to boil off thoroughly and it kind of feels to require extra care. i'd upload a few water and placed it in an electrical oven set a hundred thirty °Celsius (266 °F) for a number of hours, probably in a single day, or till the solvent is long gone thoroughly, a few say it takes as much as 4 days to take away the solvent residue. There shouldn't be any solvent aftertaste if the oil is produced competently and the oil shouldn't be runny, it's going to be extra like a grease. ensure the oil is admittedly filtered thoroughly, as solvent residue has a tendency to stay to plant fabrics. easily do a finger attempt with the solvent you need to use. Dip your finger in it and notice if it evaporates thoroughly inside 30 seconds or swifter. the speedier it evaporates, leaving no movie, the higher. if you can't get natural mild aliphatic naphtha (also referred to as benzine in Europe, ask for CAS quantity 64742-49-0. it truly is bought less than many alternative names. it's not the sort used as gas in autos however the variety that's used as a solvent or paint thinner or degreaser), i'd opt for ninety nine% or perhaps greater ninety nine. nine% isopropyl alcohol -- that appears attainable to discover virtually at any place on this planet. in the mean time we favor mild aliphatic (low-boiling, hydrogenated) naphtha, even though, it produces larger and stronger oils than so much different solvents which are at present getting used. the fewer plant fabrics and chlorophyll within the oil the higher it really works as drugs, the higher it tastes and the stronger it really is. the entire trick is in how powerful and sedative the oil is. The stronger and sedative the higher. JB “The right naphtha isn't really offered within the U. S. A. no longer at Tractor provide or domestic Depot or Lowes or perhaps Sherwin Williams. It’s nonetheless bought in Canada notwithstanding. i've got a chum that does distill it to 100°F and saves what solvent does come off, to take advantage of for making oil.

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