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By Wanda M. Haschek, Colin G. Rousseaux

Toxicologic pathology integrates toxicology and the disciplines inside of it (such as biochemistry, pharmacodynamics and danger evaluate) to pathology and its comparable disciplines (such as body structure, microbiology, immunology, and molecular biology).
Fundamentals of Toxicologic Pathology 2e updates the knowledge offered within the first variation, together with 5 totally new chapters addressing simple thoughts in toxicologic pathology, in addition to colour photomicrographs that convey examples of particular toxicant-induced ailments in animals. the present version additionally comprises comparative details that would end up a worthwhile source to practitioners, together with diagnostic pathologists and toxicologists.


• 25% fresh details, totally revised throughout

• New chapters: Veterinary Diagnostic Toxicologic Pathology; scientific Pathology; Nomenclature: Terminology for Morphologic adjustments; recommendations in Toxicologic Pathology

• New colour photomicrographs detailing particular toxicant-induced ailments in animals

• Mechanistic info built-in from either toxicology and pathology discussing simple mechanisms of poisonous damage and morphologic expression on the subcellular, mobile, and tissue levels

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