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By Nora Kircher

An cutting edge and holistic procedure that mixes the therapeutic powers of gems with reflexology therapy

• offers a synergistic remedy that could aid various psychological and actual disorders

• comprises illustrated directions for picking the explicit wishes of a sickness and the way to use the therapy

Combining the therapeutic power of crystals and reflexology treatment, Gemstone Reflexology deals a holistic method of triggering the body’s self-healing energies to house lots of psychological and actual problems, starting from hear­tache to center disorder. The therapy is predicated on utilizing 8 gemstone wands--agate, amethyst, fluorite, heliotrope, rock crystal, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, and sodalite--that let clients to direct the therapeutic strength of the crystals to turn on certain strain points.

Every gemstone has particular therapeutic houses. while crafted into wands, those gemstones permit the sufferer to use the correct quantity of strain at the acceptable acupressure element. The energies of the crystal mix with the energies published through the strain at the reflexology element to provide a robust strength for therapeutic. Readers are supplied a method of kinetic research to figure out the proper stone and strain aspect for his or her particular . Sodalite, for instance, has a helpful impact on psychological health and wellbeing, that is elevated while utilized to the strain issues equivalent to the top; agate is helping within the therapy of dermis problems; and amethyst restores energy. The publication comprises illustrated directions that convey the remedy parts for a variety of stipulations, together with earaches, complications and migraines, again and joint discomfort, colds and flu, low blood strain, intestinal cramps, heart problems, and melancholy.

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