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By Mark David Ledbetter

The 2 put up Sep 11 presidential elections provided the USA a decision among big-government, high-tax globocops quibbling over the main points, no longer an alternative choice to the competitive overseas militarism that makes the US the typical and logical goal of terrorism. This ebook seems on the development from republic safe via defense force to empire secure via status armies in Athens and Rome - and the same development in the United States. It appears to be like at another: The Swiss manner, which has stored Switzerland loose and republican for seven hundred years within the heart of a warlike continent. the US as soon as understood and Washington's nice Rule and J. Q. Adams' admonition to not exit into the area looking for monsters to wreck. the USA was once then the sunshine of freedom, now not the sword. Now it has picked up the sword basically to determine the sunshine develop dimmer 12 months through yr.

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All squaddies and people with them are to assault with ruthlessness parachutists, airborne infantry and saboteurs. the place no officials and noncommissioned officials are current, every one soldier acts lower than exertion of all powers of his personal initiative. If through radio, leaflets or different media any info is transmitted doubting the desire of the Federal Council or of the military excessive Command to withstand an attacker, this data needs to be considered as lies of enemy propaganda. Our state will face up to aggression with all capacity in its strength and to the sour finish. The Swiss, from the top officials to universal infantrymen to non-soldiers, declared time and time back there will be no retreat and no give up to the freedom-hating Nazis. The Frankfurter Zeitung newspaper reacted to this “illogical” Swiss temper with the type of rhetoric that was once day-by-day fare within the German media. by no means will the German humans put out of your mind the angle of the Swiss in this battle. A state of 80,000,000, whereas combating for naked life, reveals itself nearly uninterruptedly attacked, insulted and slandered through the newspapers of a tiny country whose executive claims to be impartial. Hitler obsessed over the Swiss. He and different excessive officers acknowledged that Switzerland used to be “controlled by means of Jews,” “under the thumb of British Jewry,” and “dominated via Jews or got. ” Nazis may well see no different reason for the irrational Swiss devotion to a nation that incorporated a number of races and language teams or for his or her antipathy in the direction of Nazi type development. Hitler deliberate to populate conquered components with stable Aryans like Swedish, Danes, Dutch and others yet now not with Swiss. The Swiss, for Hitler, had successfully given up their Germanness. They have been a step above Jews, now not so low as to require overall extermination, yet no longer deserving of a job as individuals of the ruling race. He could cut up Switzerland with Mussolini, hold the German Swiss for himself, and flooring them into submission, and then they can be “hotel keepers. ” Hitler ordered up a couple of plans, of them significant, for the invasion of Switzerland yet Swiss preparedness and German army operations in different places made every one infeasible. even though, Hitler stored up a continuing low-grade clash through the struggle that integrated propaganda and frantic anti-Swiss ravings within the German press, tried sabotage, and the promoting of Nazism inside Switzerland via whisper campaigns designed to weaken Swiss get to the bottom of, numerous financial sanctions, army feints and border buildups, numerous invasion-scale mobilizations of troops alongside the border, and a mini-air struggle over Switzerland. merely the air battle petered out after a 12 months, very likely as the small Swiss air strength used to be getting the higher of the Luftwaffe with 11 downings to just 3 via the Germans. BLACKMAIL Surrounded through Axis powers, Switzerland used its felony correct as a nonbelligerent impartial to exchange with each side. It had no selection approximately this. meals and gas trusted alternate, as did the source of revenue to finance the army buildup.

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