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By Raymond E. Feist, William R. Forstchen

In the frozen northlands of the embattled realm of Midkemia, destiny can shape unusual alliances.

It is 9 lengthy, bloody years into the continued Riftwar that's tearing Midkemia asunder. Having survived a disastrous stumble upon with their sworn enemy, the Tsurani, Dennis Hartraft's chilly, hungry, and exhausted Marauders arrive at a frontier garrison—at a similar time as a Tsurani patrol. yet a extra devastating risk is living in the stronghold: moredhel, a migrating horde of darkish elves so lethal and harsh that the single wish for survival is that if sour enemies band jointly and struggle as one.

Now adversarial teams needs to make their option to freedom, dealing with a typical foe, braving the cruel parts, and haunted through the voice of moral sense hard, "what is extra vital, a man's lifestyles . . . or his honor?"

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This is the 1st of 3 books set in her international of Vandarei yet works good as stand-alone.

Although it reminds of Tolkien and Lewis it has its personal magic and offers partly with relatively grownup questions like love and destiny, loose will and sacrifice.

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Richard the priest’s orders and again with a tin pot packed with boiling sizzling tea and the dagger which was once shimmering with warmth. ‘No water, simply the boiled tea. ’ The priest chuckled. ‘It’ll do,’ he acknowledged. He reached into his tunic, pulled out a small roll of white linen, tore off a bit and glued it into the boiling liquid. Then he motioned on the arrow and made a gesture as though pulling it out. The wounded guy checked out him wide-eyed and shook his head, and his comrade stated anything and made a gesture, waving his give up the arrow as though to dam Corwin. ‘He says they already attempted to get it out, that it’s snagged at the bone,’ Gregory introduced, arising at the back of the gang. ‘Priest, simply go away him on my own, he’s accomplished. You can’t draw it with out slicing the bad bastard to items. these damned moredhel arrows are four-barbed. ’ ‘Just close up and remain out of my way,’ Corwin growled. He reached into his tunic, pulled out a small leather-based case and unrolled it, drawing out numerous needles which already had threads hooked up, tweezers and tiny brass clamps. He appeared directly into the eyes of the Tsurani and started a low chant in a wierd tongue. these round him fell silent for the phrases carried an influence, a feeling of otherworldliness and Richard felt a chilly shiver. The chanting endured for numerous mins. Then Corwin slowly reached out, putting his correct hand at the Tsurani’s brow and enable it lightly slip all the way down to conceal the man’s eyes. ultimately he drew his hand again. The Tsurani’s eyes have been nonetheless open yet have been now glazed. Corwin gripped the arrow along with his left hand and ever so slowly attempted to tug it out. It didn’t budge. ‘Snagged at the bone, like he said,’ the priest whispered. ‘Richard, aid roll him directly to his part then carry him tight. ’ Richard the priest’s orders. The wounded man’s eyes have been nonetheless unfocused. Richard cradled the guy on his lap and seemed backpedal on the priest who used to be rigorously studying the wound, operating his arms round the again of the man’s leg. Corwin picked up the nonetheless scorching dagger together with his correct hand, located it beneath the wounded man’s leg at the contrary facet from the wound and drove the blade in part technique to the hilt and turned around the blade. a pant escaped the wounded guy. Richard appeared into his eyes and observed that awareness used to be returning: the Tsurani’s scholars went huge. ‘Hold him! ’ the priest snapped. along with his left hand he grabbed the arrow and commenced to push at the same time he pulled the dagger again out. A moment latter the pinnacle of the arrow exploded out of the opening lower through the dagger. The wounded Tsurani cried out, and started to fight, yet Richard grabbed carry of him, ‘It’s okay; you’ll be all right,’ he started to say persistently. ‘Damn it, priest, he’s bleeding to dying! ’ Gregory cried. ‘Just close up and get the new knife from the hearth! ’ The priest persevered to push the arrow in the course of the wound, eventually pulling it out and flinging it apart. He picked his dagger again up, reduce the go out wound wider and, utilizing one of many brass clamps, pulled the wound aside.

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