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By Leigh Brackett, Stephen Haffner

Identifying up the place Martian Quest: The Early Brackett left off, this quantity collects 12 extra stories of wierd adventures on different worlds from the undisputed "Queen of house Opera." Drawn from Planet tales and exciting ask yourself tales pulp magazines, this tome revels within the 1946 titular collaboration with Ray Bradbury--who additionally contributes an unique poem approximately Leigh Brackett in addition to an essay approximately assembly & operating with Brackett. Harry Turtledove, the fashionable grasp of "alternate historical past" presents the creation and the e-book is decorated with Frank Kelly Freas' classic illustrations from the 1953 reprint of "Lorelei of the crimson Mist." In a evaluation of Martian Quest: The Early Brackett, Paul di Filippo says "Plainly, Brackett used to be growing to be with each tale she wrote, now not but 30 years previous via the volume's finish, with the easiest but to come." Lorelei of the pink Mist: Planetary Romances is the place a few of that "best" can chanced on.

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