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By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi - XKP

This e-book is the results of a necessity which I sensed after my first 3 years in Canada. somebody in my place as a spiritual advisor is usually faced by way of individuals with questions with regards to their spiritual and private difficulties. in contrast to the ambience within the East the place the touch is extra on a private point, the touch during this a part of the realm is extra via correspondence and cellphone calls. I quickly discovered that each time the query used to be 'embarrassing' or concerning sexual habit, the caller would like to not provide his or her identify. And, after all, I had no cause to insist on realizing the identification of the callers; my basically responsibility is to hear and bring the Islamic view to those that seek.

However, what used to be best approximately those 'embarrassing' questions was once that during majority of circumstances the callers have been feeling responsible for activities that have been totally permissible in Islam. yet as a result of their lack of expertise or incorrect information, that they had been feeling responsible for issues which have been by no means forbidden within the Islamic shari'ah. and that i stated to myself: There needs to be many extra humans available in the market who're dealing with comparable adventure, feeling responsible and depressed; and all this due to lack of information! no longer all have the braveness to speak on such concerns or maybe name with no revealing their identification. And so i made a decision that i must do something.

ISBN: 0-920675-10-7

Published by way of the Islamic schooling & details Centre, Warden road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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