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Perspective Why do you think that the slave investors have been so merciless to the slaves they transported around the ocean? 6. attach Economics & background How did the enslaved Africans give a contribution to the Columbian alternate? local american citizens either Africans 7. connect with this present day What are a number of the long term results of slavery within the Americas this present day? eight. Writing document study the contributions of Olaudah Equiano to our wisdom of slavery. bankruptcy 2 2 CClick lick hhere ere to accomplish those actions on-line @ ClassZone. com o bankruptcy precis 1 2 three four Key concept After Columbus’ voyages, the Spanish fast conquered the local American empires of the Aztecs and the Inca. Key proposal festival for the riches of the Americas resulted in rigidity and clash between ecu powers. Key concept local americans’ lives have been remodeled as Spain grew wealthy from its new empire. For unique assessment and learn Notes Slavery was once brought on a wide scale to supply affordable hard work for the colonies. Use the phrases & Names record to accomplish every one sentence on-line or by yourself paper. 1. ____ led a military to beat the Aztec empire. Hernando Cortés 2. ____ moved the road of Demarcation to the west. three. the United States is called after ____. four. the massive fleet of ships despatched to revive Catholicism to England is termed the ____. five. ____ based a fur buying and selling submit in Quebec. 6. ____ was once a provide of local American hard work. 7. a wide farm or property is named a ____. eight. ____ earned the name of “Protector of the Indians. ” nine. For enslaved Africans, the voyage from Africa to the Americas is the ____. 10. ____ is a trust that a few individuals are inferior as a result of their race. For specified assessment and examine Notes visit Interactive evaluation @ ClassZone. com CROSSWORD PUZZLE whole the web crossword to teach you recognize approximately ecu exploration of the Americas. throughout 1. An tool used to discover range. A. Samuel de Champlain B. Columbian trade C. Treaty of Tordesillas D. Bartolomé de Las Casas E. plantations F. encomienda G. Jacques Cartier H. Hernando Cortés I. J. okay. L. M. N. O. Amerigo Vespucci racism slavery Francisco Pizarro hacienda center passage Spanish Armada FLIPCARD Use the net flipcards to quiz your self at the phrases and names brought during this bankruptcy I landed in the the United States s in 1492. solution: Christopher Columbus eu Exploration of the Americas 2 evaluation VOCABULARY severe pondering clarify the importance of every of the next. 1. 2. three. four. five. 6. 7. Christopher Columbus Columbian trade Bartolomé de Las Casas Henry Hudson John Cabot Spanish Armada mercantilism eight. nine. 10. eleven. 12. thirteen. 14. Treaty of Tordesillas Amerigo Vespucci Hernando Cortés Francisco Pizarro Jacques Cartier Samuel de Champlain Giovanni da Verrazzano 29. study management What management features helped the conquistadors and early explorers reach their efforts? 30. Synthesize regardless of the contest from different international locations, how did the Spanish Empire within the Americas develop so fast? 31. reasons & results Create a chart to teach the motives and results of eu exploration of the Americas.

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