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By R.L. Stine

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Brooke's ally, Zeke, has been given the lead function within the university play, "The Phantom." Zeke's absolutely into it. He loves dressing up within the ugly phantom dress. And scaring the opposite participants of the forged. Brooke thinks Zeke's getting a bit too into it.
But then relatively frightening issues commence taking place. A message seems to be on a section of surroundings: "The Phantom Strikes!" A degree mild comes crashing down.
Is somebody attempting to damage the play?
Or is there fairly a phantom residing less than the stage?

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I shouted. I absolutely misplaced it. I gave him a difficult shove with either arms. He went sprawling off the platform. It was once so darkish, I couldn’t see him for a second. “Ow! ” I cried out as he shoved me again. Then I shoved him more durable. Then he shoved me tougher than that. I stumbled again — onto a few form of a change. My again hit the change. a noisy clanking sound made me approximately leap out of my dermis. “Brooke — bounce again on! fast! ” Zeke screamed. I leaped again onto the platform simply because it began to circulate. Up, up. Sliding slowly yet gradually. The sq. of sunshine above our heads grew better and brighter as we rose again as much as the auditorium. “Hey! ” I cried out because the platform stopped with a jolt. “Way to move, Brookie! ” Zeke yelled fortunately. He slapped me at the again. “Don’t have fun yet,” I instructed him. We nonetheless weren’t again at the level. The platform had stopped approximately 5 ft down from the head. simply the place it were for Ms. Walker. I guessed that the one strategy to increase all of it the way in which up was once to step at the peg onstage. “Give me a lift up,” Zeke prompt eagerly. I cupped my fingers jointly. He diminished his sneaker into my palms. “Wait! ” he cried, stepping go into reverse. “Whoa! What if the Phantom is up there anticipating us? possibly you want to cross first! ” “Ha-ha. Very funny,” I stated, rolling my eyes. “Remind me to chortle later. ” “Okay, ok. I’ll cross first,” he muttered. He positioned his sneaker into my cupped fingers, reached as much as the level ground, and that i gave him a lift. I watched him scramble onto the level. He disappeared from view. I waited for him to arrive down for me. an entire minute glided by. “Zeke? ” The observe got here out tiny and vulnerable. I waited a few extra. Listening challenging. I couldn’t listen him up there. the place used to be he? “Zeke? the place are you? ” I known as up. “Come on. elevate the platform. Or provide me a hand,” I known as up. “I can’t make it on my own. one other minute handed. It appeared like an hour. I abruptly learned what Zeke used to be attempting to do. that enormous jerk! He used to be attempting to scare me! “Hey! adequate! ” I shouted. I’d had good enough of Zeke Matthews for sooner or later. “Zeke! ” I yelled. “Give me a holiday! Get me up! ” ultimately, his arms decreased down over the facet. “It’s approximately time! ” I shouted angrily. I grabbed either fingers and enable him pull me as much as the level. I shook my hair again. My eyes have been slowly adjusting to the brighter gentle. “You comprehend, you’re no longer humorous! ” I snapped. “Keeping me ready down there has been rather —” i ended and swallowed tough. It wasn’t Zeke who had pulled me from the trapdoor. a wierd pair of darkish, offended eyes stared into mine. eight I swallowed not easy. an odd little guy stared again at me, an indignant scowl on his face. He wore saggy grey pants and a loose-fitting grey sweatshirt, torn on the collar. His thick white hair fell wild and unbrushed over his brow like a flooring mop. He had a deep red scar down the aspect of his face, approximately so long as the scar on Zeke’s creature masks. i may see that he used to be outdated. yet he used to be tiny, no greater than a child. He stood purely an inch or taller than Zeke. As he squinted at me along with his unusual grey eyes, his face twisted into an unpleasant frown.

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