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By Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell

Barnaby Grimes is a tick-tock lad, working errands in his urban, day and evening, and high-stacking round the rooftops looking for new mysteries to unravel. it is a impressive romp via a Dickensian-style urban, with a superb new hero within the guise of Barnaby.

After gathering an odd parcel from a abandoned send within the fog of the docks, and supplying it to the neighborhood schoolmaster, Barnaby thinks he’s earned a second to sit down at the rooftops and devour his favourite pastry. yet quickly he realizes that each one isn't really good on the school—but is the matter relatively as he expects it? A grotesque story of a college overrun by way of a bad curse—who will continue to exist?

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Flaming torches flickered. Pots of incense gave off coils of smoke, without delay acrid and fragrant. on the best, 11 battered and bedraggled masters cowered at the platform, bewildered and stupefied. ‘The time has come at last,’ the voice hissed. ‘The time of darkness to be made everlasting, my teenagers …’ The 11 feather-cloaked figures sooner than me fanned out around the platform. ‘For while twelve beating hearts are provided as much as me through twelve innocents, my reign shall commence back. The sunlight may be extinguished and everlasting darkness will conceal the earth … Catincatapetl shall rule, my young ones! ’ the pulse thumping in all our heads now quickened with pleasure. ‘Catincatapetl! Catincatapetl! ’ the schoolboys chanted from the quad lower than. ‘Let he who used to be final between us be first to make the sacrifice! ‘ the voice hissed. The sky looked as if it would stressful and tremble. The air by surprise cooled. ‘Cut out his beating middle! ‘ the traditional voice commanded, every one syllable dripping with a dismal evil that i used to be powerless to withstand. Overhead, the moon slid slowly yet inexorably around the face of the sunlight, casting the courtyard right into a dreadful silent nightfall. and because the mild light, so did the final vestiges of my loose will. there has been not anything i'll do. This used to be the entire eclipse that my pal, PB, have been so desirous about. i would regarded ahead to it too – but from the place I stood now, it gave the look of the harbinger of an appalling massacre. A circle of shadowy figures clustered like a flock of hideous vultures round the nice slab that lay earlier than me. Their beaked faces and lengthy rustling feathers quivered with lousy anticipation as their darkish eye-sockets grew to become, as one, in the direction of me. On awkward, stumbling legs I approached the wood altar like a sleepwalker, mountaineering one step after the opposite, powerless to struggle it. The hideous figures parted as I drew nearer. on the altar, I seemed down. There, stripped to the waist, mendacity face up and spread-eagled, was once the headmaster, roped into position. there have been cuts and weals on his dermis – a few scabbed over, a few clean – and his ribs have been sticking up, giving his chest the looks of a broken glockenspiel. His head lolled to at least one part, and from his parted lips there got here a low, rasping moan. ‘Please,’ he pleaded, observing up at me with the panic-stricken eyes of a ferret-cornered rabbit. ‘Don't do it, i am begging you …’ At that second the ultimate excellent rays of the solar have been extinguished through the darkish orb of the moon. The eclipse was once entire. With dazed eyes, I appeared up into the sky. the full disc had grew to become pitch-black, and from the circumference of the circle a spiky ring of sunshine streamed out in all instructions, like a black cruel eye staring down from the heavens. The tallest of the feathered figures progressed to stand me. He wore an excellent crown of iridescent blue plumage. at the back of him, nestling like a gruesome egg at the cushion of the headmaster's high-backed leather-based chair, was once the hideous grinning cranium. As I stared, the massive jewels within the skull's eye-sockets began to glow a shiny and bloody red, which stained the eerie twilight of the eclipse.

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