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By Sheikh Sadooq - XKP

This paintings is actually 3 books whose themes are attached to one another. one among them, particularly Sifat ush-Shia, focuses the lighting at the traits that the Shia must have inside of their moralities. with out such characteristics, the Shia wouldn't have received such ample advantages to which the second one ebook, specifically Fadhaa'il ush-Shia, refers. The 3rd publication, specifically al-Mawaaizh, compiles the maxims and phrases of knowledge which are stated by way of the Prophet and the Imams, peace be upon all of them, on quite a few events. it is vital for the Shiite, sooner than others, to use such maxims to himself, simply because they really are nice masterpieces and ethical principals.




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They don't oppress once they are enraged and don't exaggerate after they are happy. they're benefits for his or her pals and peace for his or her affiliates. [1] [1] seek advice from al-Kafi; 2:74 H. three, al-Khissal; 2:397 H. 104, Tuhaf ul-Uqoul; three hundred, A’lam ud-Din; 112, at-Tamhees; sixty nine H. 1668, Mishkat ul-Anwar; sixty one, Bihar ul-Anwar; 68:190 H. forty six bankruptcy 24 (24) The Shia of Ali are light, skinny, and emaciated My father, Allah could have mercy upon him, narrated to us from Ahmed bin Idris from Mohammed bin Ahmed from Mohammed bin Easa from Abu Mohammed al-Ansari from Amr bin Abi al-Miqdam from his father that Abu Ja’far (a) acknowledged to him: O Abu al-Miqdam, the Shia of Ali (a) are the faded, the skinny, and the emaciated. Their lips are dry, their stomachs are atrophied, and their shades are pale. bankruptcy 25 (25) The Shia of Ali are these whose voices don't exceed their hearings an identical prior sequence of narration… that Abu Ja’far (a) acknowledged to Jabir: O Jabir, the Shia of Ali (a) are just these whose voices don't exceed their hearings and detestation doesn't exceed their bodies[1]. they don't compliment those that abhor us, regard those that hate us, or go together with those that revile at us. the genuine Shia of Ali (a) don't bark like canine, covet like craws, or beg humans brazenly whether they starve. Their residing is not often adequate. Their dwellings are roving. after they are current, they aren't well-known. after they are absent, they don't seem to be overlooked. after they are ailed, not anyone stopover at them. after they die, not anyone perform their funeral ceremonies. They trade visits of their graves. Jabir requested: the place am i able to locate such humans? The Imam (a) spoke back: you'll find them dwelling within the outskirts and one of the marts. they're the intendeds in Allah’s announcing: they're humble in the direction of the believers and dignified to the unbelievers. (5:54)[2] [1] which means they're so quiet and so self-possessed. [2] confer with Da’aayim ul-Islam; 1:64, Tanbih ul-Khawattir; 2:203, al-Ghaybah; an-Numani 203 H. four, Tuhaf ul-Uqoul; 378, A’lam ud-Din; 113, at-Tamhees; 70 H. 1669, Bihar ul-Anwar; 68:168 H. 28 bankruptcy 26 (26) The Shia say merely the reality Mohammed bin al-Hasan bin al-Waleed, Allah might please him, … from al-Mufaddhal bin Qays that Abu Abdullah (a) requested him in regards to the variety of the Shia in Kufa. He spoke back: they're fifty thousand. The Imam (a) stated: Do you desire they have been much less? He went on asserting till he stated: Do you desire they have been twenty contributors? via Allah I swear, I want they have been twenty 5 members only if they recognize our ideals and say approximately us not anything however the fact. ”[1] [1] seek advice from Bihar ul-Anwar; 67:158 H. 2 bankruptcy 27 (27) the beauty of religion is within the Shia’s chests Mohammad bin Ali Majilwayh, Allah could have mercy upon him, … In al-Hira in the course of the reign of Abu al-Abbas,[1] Abu Ja’far ad-Dawaniqi[2] acknowledged to Imam Abu Abdullah (a) “O Abu Abdullah, i spotted that anyone of the Shia converse out all that he hides in a single consultation in order that his development will be simply recognized.

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