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Greenfield and M. Mayrhofer, “The ʾAlgummim/ʾAlmuggim-Problem Reexamined,” in Hebräische Wortforschung: Festschrift zum eighty. Geburtstag von Walter Baumgartner (ed. B. Hartmann; VTSup sixteen; Leiden: Brill, 1967), 83–89. 17. think of the next, for which we're indebted to Michael Weiss of Cornell college (e-mail exchanges, August–September 2005). The Sanskrit shape paridhis contains the nominative singular morpheme -s, yet this finishing could by no means floor as [s]. because it follows an /i/ accordingly, the “ruki” rule could take impact, and the ultimate consonant therefore might develop into the retroflex fricative [s]. (The identify of CONCLUSION 177 for this reason, to the belief, with nearly all of students, that ‫פרדס‬ derives from an Iranian resource, both outdated Persian or Median. 18 The latter alternative indicates, incidentally, that ‫ פרדס‬could have entered Hebrew in preexilic occasions. The Medes entered the scene of historical past at a comparatively early time, showing for the 1st time at the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III, dated to 12 months 24 of his reign, or circa 834 b. c. e. 19 it is going to no longer be superb if the backyard culture of Iran unfold westward to Assyria or even to the Levant someday in the course of the past due 9th or early 8th century b. c. e. after all, this can be nonetheless too overdue to house the note ‫ פרדס‬in Hebrew through the 10th century, however the hole closes still. 20 certainly, the northern nation of Israel was once a great deal in life through the interval of Assyr- this rule is derived from the truth that /s/ > [s] after the segments /r,u,k,i/. ) furthermore, the pronunciation with [s] will be retained basically in a few sandhi settings; earlier than a voiced consonant it'll turn into [r], and in pause it is going to shift to visarga, that's, an [h] sound. For the Sanskrit starting place of Hebrew ‫ פרדס‬still to be countenanced, for that reason, one must think (1) that the observe was once borrowed as paridhis, and (2) that the ultimate consonant will be rendered by means of Hebrew samekh. whereas the previous is feasible, the latter is not likely, even though we desist from moving into a dialogue the following in regards to the genuine phonetic values of different Hebrew sibilants, together with sade. The query of the latter is the topic of a whole monograph: R. C. Steiner, Affricated Sade within the Semitic Languages (AAJRMS three; big apple: American Academy for Jewish learn, 1982). 18. by the way, no matter if the notice did take place in outdated Persian, which turns out most likely, it should have been a borrowing from Median into that language. that's to assert, because the palatal /gh/ resolves as [z] and never [d] within the shape, as is right for previous Persian, the time period has to be a loanword from Median into outdated Persian. The previous Persian notice, by the way, is at once endured via glossy Persian pālez “garden,” and it additionally serves because the resource for Armenian partez “garden” (an early loanword, borrowed ahead of the Armenian consonant shift happened) and Greek παράδεισος. this data additionally courtesy of Michael Weiss (see earlier note). 19. See B. Brentjes, “The heritage of Elam and Achaemenid Persia: An Overview,” in Civilizations of the traditional close to East (ed.

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