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Basic a. Any of the common alterations in constitution and serve as that take place clearly in the course of general procedures of growing old, autonomous of illness or over the top environmental pressure. secondary a. Any of the adjustments in constitution and serve as as a result of ailments commonplace in getting older instead of to common getting older techniques. winning a. 1. getting older within which emotional, highbrow, actual, social, or religious pursuits are optimally maintained or built. 2. healthiness or well being in getting older. SYN: existence pride. getting older in position, age in position Any companies supplied to aged sufferers that permit them to proceed to reside independently sixty five Plate # 0-Composite pg sixty five # 1 aglycon instead of moving them to care amenities. agitation (ajЉı˘-ta¯Јsho˘n) [L. agitare, to force] 1. over the top restlessness, elevated psychological, and, esp. , actual task. sufferer CARE: Agitation may well complicate many scientific and psychiatric stipulations and make sufferer administration difficult, troublesome, and infrequently harmful. Agitation is esp. universal within the aged, sufferers with dementia, and in people with natural mind syndromes. The agitated sufferer must always be addressed with appreciate; makes an attempt might be made to calm the sufferer with supportive listening, a composed impact, and real reassurance. The presence of a peaceful and revered loved one could be precious. Reorientation of the sufferer to his or her atmosphere and the cause of health and wellbeing care interventions or hospitalization could be supplied. scientific treatments, together with antipsychotic medicinal drugs, occasionally together with benzodiazepines or different sedatives, are variably powerful. well-being care execs who paintings with agitated sufferers are at a significant hazard of being injured at paintings. Institutional courses to restrict employees harm may possibly lessen this threat. Protocols for defusing violent occasions and de-escalating interpersonal tensions can also lessen the danger. 2. Tremor. three. serious motor restlessness, frequently nonpurposeful, linked to anxiousness. four. Shaking of a box in order that the contents are quickly moved and combined. agitographia (ajЉı˘-to¯-grafЈe¯-a˘) [agitation ϩ -grapho ϩ -ia] Writing with over the top rapidity, with subconscious omission of phrases and syllables. agitophasia (ajЉı˘-to¯-fa¯Јzh(e¯-)a˘) [agitation ϩ Gr. phasis, speech] over the top rapidity of speech, with slurring, omission, and distortion of sounds. aglaucopsia, aglaukopsia (a¯Љglo-kopЈse¯a˘) [1an- ϩ Gr. glaukos, eco-friendly, blue, grey ϩ -opsia] colour blindness within which there's a illness within the notion of eco-friendly. SYN: eco-friendly blindness. SEE: colour blindness. aglossia (a¯ЉglosЈe¯-a˘) [a- ϩ glossa ϩ -ia] Congenital absence of the tongue. aglossostomia (a¯Љglos-o˘-sto¯Јme¯-a˘) [a- ϩ glosso- ϩ stoma] Congenital absence of the tongue and mouth. aglutition (a¯Љgloo-tishЈo˘n) [a- ϩ L. glutire, to swallow] Difficulty in swallowing or lack of ability to swallow. aglycemia (a¯Љglı¯-se¯Јme¯-a˘) [a- ϩ glycemia] loss of sugar within the blood. aglycon, aglycone (a-glı¯ЈkonЉ, a-glı¯Јko¯nЉ) [1an- ϩ glyco- ϩ -one] An isoflavone Name /bks_51769_tabers/51769_a 08/17/2012 03:38PM aglycosuric hooked up to the chemical constitution of digitalis glycosides.

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