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To be used IN faculties AND LIBRARIES in basic terms. A mysterious prophecy has been foretold--an omen that might swap the warrior Clans forever--but so as to pave the trail, 3 younger cats needs to delve deeply into their Clan's previous.

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The older one unearths himself between a warrior race within the plains, the place they're considred the lords as a result strength in their militia, and dexterity and pace in their mounts, that are unicorns.
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This is the 1st of 3 books set in her global of Vandarei yet works good as stand-alone.

Although it reminds of Tolkien and Lewis it has its personal magic and offers partially with rather grownup questions like love and destiny, loose will and sacrifice.

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Perhaps he’ll support us loose the water. “You don’t understand,” Lionblaze spoke back to Woody, waving his tail to attract the entire cats deeper into the undergrowth, good out of sight of the Twolegs. “There are loads of us via the lake—far too many to renounce our houses and locate in other places to dwell. ” “And StarClan informed us to return right here and locate what’s blocking off the move! ” Tigerheart installed. Mouse-brain! Dovepaw idea. Woody won’t comprehend approximately StarClan. She used to be shocked to work out that the brown tom simply nodded in brief, as though he understood rather well. possibly he’s heard of extended family cats sooner than? “We’ve received to chase these…these beavers away,” Whitetail meowed determinedly. “Then we will be able to dispose of the blockage and we’ll have our water back. ” Woody shook his head. “Bees on your brain,” he muttered. “Then you won’t support us? ” Lionblaze requested. “I didn’t say that. I’ll take you right down to the river and exhibit you the dam—that’s what they equipped to dam the flow and make a pool deep sufficient for his or her den. you could switch your brain while you’ve had an exceptional examine it up shut. ” “Thanks,” Rippletail purred; he used to be operating his claws within the leaf-mold, as though he couldn’t wait to get with regards to the sound and odor of water back. “There’ll be Twolegs around,” Woody warned them, turning to steer the way in which down the hill. “But you don’t have to fear approximately them. They’re in simple terms drawn to gazing the beavers. in reality, the Twolegs introduced them right here. ” “What? ” Toadfoot halted, his jaws gaping in astonishment. “Twolegs introduced them? In StarClan’s identify, why? ” Woody shrugged. “How do i do know? probably they sought after a few timber chopped down. ” The brown tom led them round extra of the black Twoleg issues with the trailing tendrils, down into the valley, and around the dry streambed slightly below the wall of logs. This, then, used to be the beavers’ dam; the explanation the water had stopped flowing into the lake. Dovepaw appeared up on the looming pile of tree trunks as she padded prior. It’s so huge! do we particularly shift anything that dimension? at the different facet, Woody led them in a circle in the course of the forest until eventually they approached the move back. “There aren't any Twolegs in this side,” he defined. “But beware of the beavers. You won’t be welcome the following, you recognize. ” He stopped midway down the slope, in a patch of fallen bushes, and the cats covered up beside him to stare around the trapped movement above the dam. It had overflowed the riverbank in this facet and unfolded right into a extensive, flat pool, reflecting the grey sky. right here and there circles seemed, spiraling outward as though a fish had risen to take a fly. towards the upstream fringe of the pool was once a mound of dust, twigs, and bark, jutting out from the financial institution yet now not blocking off the movement just like the dam. Dovepaw detected powerful beaver smell coming from it. “What’s that? ” Whitetail requested Woody, flicking her tail towards it. “It’s the place the beavers live,” the brown loner defined. “It’s known as their resort, and they—” “Oh, glance! ” Petalfur interrupted, her voice emerging to the squeak of an excited package. “So a lot water…it’s really good!

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