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By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi - XKP

Beautifully compiled information about the prophets pointed out in Holy Quran with reference.




Published through: Bilal Muslim venture of Tanzania

Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

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They stated, “Glory be to You! we haven't any wisdom other than what you may have taught us. you're absolutely the All-Knowing, the clever. ” [Then] He stated, “O Adam! inform them the names of these [persons]. ” while Adam advised them these names, Allãh acknowledged [to the angels], “Didn’t I say to you that i do know the unseen issues of the heavens and the earth, and that i understand what you occur and what you disguise. ” And [remember] once we stated to the angels, “Prostrate earlier than Adam. ” them all prostrated other than Iblis, who refused and used to be haughty, and [thus] he grew to become one of many unbelievers. In Paradise: [After developing Hawwa}, We acknowledged, “O Adam, stay you and your spouse within the backyard and devour from it [freely] as many [things] as you need; yet don't strategy this tree, or you will “. اَﻟﻈﱠﺎﻟِﻤِﻴْﻦَ turn into one of many ¨ãlimeenBut the Shaytãn made them slip (ﺎَﻤُﻟﱠﻬَزَا) from that [Garden by means of luring them to devour the fruit of the forbidden tree] and hence bought them out from the country [of felicity] during which that they had been. So We acknowledged [to Adam, Hawwa, and the Shaytãn that, “All of you] get down [from the backyard to the earth] a few of you being the enemies of the opposite, and there's on this planet your domicile and the must haves [of existence] for a [fixed interval of] time. ” [Adam felt ashamed and meant to invite Allah’s forgiveness. ] So Adam learnt a few phrases from his Lord, and Allah grew to become to him mercifully (ِﻪْﻴَﻠَﻋ َﺎبَﺗ). absolutely he's the Most-Forgiving, the Merciful. We stated, “All of you get down from the backyard. [Once you're at the earth], a advice will surely come to you from Me: whosoever follows My counsel, there'll be no worry for them nor shall they grieve. yet those that disbelieve and reject Our revelation, they're the inmates of the fireplace, in it they shall abide. ” bankruptcy 7 (al-A‘râf) verses 19-25: [Allah said,] “O Adam! live you and your spouse within the backyard and consume from anyplace you need; yet don't method this tree, or you will “. اَﻟﻈﱠﺎﻟِﻤِﻴْﻦَ develop into one of many ¨ãlimeenThen the Shaytãn instilled temptation into them with a view to divulge to them their inner most elements that have been hidden from them. He acknowledged, “Your Lord has merely prohibited you from this tree lest you either develop into rulers, or lest you turn into immortals. ” [To make sure that his temptation will paintings, the Shaytãn] swore to them either that, “Truly, i'm a honest adviser for you. ” hence he misled them by means of fantasy. So after they tasted [the fruit of] the tree, their inner most components grew to become take place to them, and either one of them began to disguise themselves with the leaves of the backyard. Their Lord referred to as out to them, “Did I now not limit either one of you from this tree and say to you that the Shaytãn is your open enemy? ” They stated, “Our Lord! we've been unjust to and for those who don't ;(ﻇَﻠَﻤْﻨَﺎ أَﻧْﻔُﺴَﻨَﺎ ourselves (¨alamnãforgive us and feature mercy on us, we will without doubt be one of the losers. ” Allah stated, “Get down [to the earth], a few of you being the enemies of the others; and there's on this planet your domicile and must haves [of existence] for a time. ” He stated, “Therein you shall dwell, therein you shall die, and from it you might be raised [again].

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