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By Douglas Niles

The Age of Light

Forests hide Ansalon. lower than the mythical Silvanos, the elves of Krynn start to tame the wilds and lift their crystal cities.

But because the Elderwild Kaganos jouneys towards a magical come across excessive within the mountains, he is aware that, for his tribe, the woodlands needs to stay their everlasting home.

As centuries go and Dragonwars rage, the tribe of Kaganos battles encroaching people and the minions of the darkish Queen, aided via a powerful lgacy guided by means of respected pathfinders . . .

Until the wild elves stand upon the edge of the deadliest problem of all -- a problem that marks a call among annilhilation and survival.

The misplaced Histories sequence probes the old roots and epic struggles of the heretofore little-known peoples of Krynn.

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I believe,” Balif stated softly. “There was once a glance in Quithas’s eyes while he departed. i presumed it was once grief over his son—but it kind of feels, now, that it might probably were murderous rage. ” He hung his head, then checked out Kagonos with real remorse. “I’m sorry that I didn’t ship one other to discover you. we're all blissful that he failed. you could belief that he'll be punished. ” Kagonos shocked them by way of guffawing. “Your normal aren't returning—not for punishment or for the other purpose,” he declared, because the nice chief improved. Silvanos sighed, his eyes narrowing. “Tell me every little thing that occurred. ” “General Quithas is useless. I killed him. His physique lies beside the river. His head is someplace at the undeniable. ” Growls of concern rose from the assembled elves. Silvanos grew unexpectedly light, his voice tightening. “I could have wondered him myself, noticeable justice served. Or has your individual hatred made you mad? Do you dedicate homicide, then come right here to boast approximately it? ” “I defended myself—Quithas got here to devote homicide. He failed. ” “But … why? ” The elven statesman appeared in truth wondered. “It is evidence of the divisions among your extended family and mine—we are peoples, now not one! ” “No! there's time to alter! ” Silvanos disputed. “I were talking to your humans of the advantages of lifestyles in Silvanesti, of the wonders of our towns. we will put aside nice preserves for you, the place online game dwells in lots! you might have little need of your paint and your feathers—you will put on silks and fragrance as a substitute! ” “That warfare paint is our pride—it indicates who we are,” Kagonos retorted sharply. “Your satisfaction can upward push to even higher heights with us! You elves, and your nice clan—House Servitor—will turn into as powerful as any of—” “House Servitor will lead us simply to a way forward for humiliation and slavery! i can't take that street, nor will I lead my humans there! ” cried Kagonos. Silvanos’s face darkened. “Will you command them to stick to you? ” he demanded harshly, figuring out the Pathfinder had no strength to provide orders his humans needs to obey. “I make no commands—but i'll lead them from this camp. those that don't stick to me, you're welcome to take again in your towns. ” He remembered extra of Darlantan’s words—he needs to express them the way in which! Then he knew, and he lifted the spiraled horn from its position at his aspect. Kagonos raised the curling trumpet to his lips, eyes blazing as he stared around the upturned faces of his fellow Elderwild. The painted warriors shifted nervously, each one losing his personal gaze instead of meet the burning rage of his Pathfinder. The wild elf reduced the spiral tool quite a few inches, snapping his phrases in curt, decisive tones. “I cannot—I will not—command you to keep on with me. Any Elderwild who chooses to accompany my esteemed kinsman to Silvanesti may still achieve this! Fly to the partitions of the cities—fly to the tables and home windows and flooring that may, for the remainder of your days, shape the borders of your lives! ” back he raised the horn, and as he touched it to his mouth track started to move. Notes rolled into the evening with deep and resonant strength, a legitimate in contrast to any horn ever carved.

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