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By Ayatullah Baqir Sharif al Qarashi - XKP

A finished and special biography and research of the lifetime of our 7th Imam, Musa Bin Jafar Al Kazim [a].


Published by means of: Ansariyan Publications

Qum - Iran -

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Throughout the engaging in He describes them and clarifies their affairs; and that's the ordinace of the powerful, the figuring out. " This speech filled with the main fabulous and ambiguous, theological subject matters has come to an finish; therein the Imam has defined the level of Allah's wisdom the place al-bida' take place. we've got formerly defined that. religion in Allah whilst souls are packed with religion in Allah, they're transparent from sins and are secure from deviation; via religion justice and love be triumphant (society), advantage and affection unfold, all types of social vices corresponding to oppression, deception, and aggression come to an finish. Allah despatched the prophets and the apostles to His servants to plant of their souls this noble caliber. Imam Musa has spoken of religion and most well liked it to every kind of deeds; that was once whilst an individual requested him and he spoke back him, announcing: -O pupil, inform me: Which deed is the easiest in Allah's sight? -That which his deed isn't permitted other than via it. -And what's that? -Faith in Allah, that's the top of deeds in measure, the fullest of them in percentage, and the noblest of them in rank. -Tell me of religion: Is it phrases and deeds or phrases with out deeds? -The complete of religion is deed; and phrases are of that deed based on a duty from Allah; it truly is occur in His e-book; its gentle is obvious; the facts of it's enterprise; the ebook bears witness for it and summons (men) to it. -Describe that to me that i'll comprehend it. -Surely religion has states, levels, layers, and positions: of it truly is absolutely entire, of it's glaringly incomplete, and of it's outweighingly extra. -Is religion entire, incomplete, and extra? -Yes. -How is that? -Surely Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, has made religion compulsory on man's limbs, divided it on them, and dispensed it on them. every one of his (man's) limbs is entrusted with a part of religion except that with which its sister has been entrusted. Of them is his cause, during which he realizes, grasps, and is aware, and that's a commander over his physique by which limbs convey and ship (nothing) other than via its opinion and command. Of them are his fingers in which he moves sharply, his legs with which he walks, his pudenda which incites him, his eyes in which he sees, and his ears by which he hears. He (Allah) has imposed (a form of religion) on center except that which He has imposed at the tongue, imposed at the tongue except that He has imposed at the eyes, imposed at the eyes except that He has imposed at the ears, imposed at the ears except that He has imposed at the palms, imposed at the arms except that He has imposed at the legs, imposed at the legs except that He has imposed at the pudenda, and imposed at the pudenda except that He has imposed at the face. As for the religion He has imposed at the middle is acknowledgment, wisdom, reputation, submission, agreement, consent that there's no god yet Allah, who's specific and with out associate, unmarried, on Whom all rely, has now not taken a consort nor a son, and that Muhammed, may well Allah, bless him and his relatives, is His servant and His Prophet.

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