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By Ayatullah Baqir Sharif Al Qarashi - XKP

n the heritage of this East, the candle of the Prophetic missions, there has been not anyone like Imām Zayn al-‘Ābidin, peace be on him, in piety, devotion and extreme turning to Allah in repentance other than his grandfather, who illuminated the highbrow lifestyles with the sunshine of monotheism and real belief.

The lifetime of this nice Imām has given an account of the lives of the prophets and the messengers. He used to be just like them in all their characteristics and developments. accordingly he was once like Jesus Christ in his asceticism and his turning to Allah in repentance. He used to be like prophet task in his tribulation and his persistence. He used to be just like prophet Mohammed, may well Allah bless him and his relatives, in his actual answer and his solid manners. His solid trends and his non secular skills are unlimited. within the heritage of this global, it really is sufficient for him that in basic terms he has been referred to as Zayn al -‘Ābidin. This nick-name has been now not given to anyone other than him.



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So he acknowledged to Qahramāna, who reaped dates at evening: “Do now not do this. Don’t you recognize that Allah’s Apostle, may possibly Allah bless him and his kin, avoided (the humans) from reaping at evening, and he used to claim: ‘You may still supply a percentage to people who ask you for it at the day of harvest. [3]’” His fighting the folk from Reproaching Beggars The Imām, peace be on him, avoided the folk from reproaching beggars, for that might lead to undesirable effects akin to lack of bounties and surprising adversities. during this admire Sa‘id b. al-Musayyab suggested: “One day I went to ‘Ali b. al-Husayn. After he had comprehensive appearing the midday prayer, there has been a beggar on the door, so he, peace be on him, acknowledged: ‘Give to the beggar and don't reproach him. [4]’” The Imām, peace be on him, under pressure the significance of this accountability in lots of of his traditions. during this connection, Abū Hamza al-Thumāli suggested: “I played the morning prayer with ‘Ali b. al-Husayn in Medina on Friday. After he had accomplished appearing his prayer, he went to his condo. I followed him. whilst he reached his condo, he known as his maid-servant Sukayna and acknowledged to her: ‘When a beggar passes by way of the door of my residence, provide him nutrition, for at the present time is Friday. ’ So I (i. e. , Abū Hamza) stated to him: ‘Not all beggars are worthwhile of being given meals. ’ He, peace be on him stated: ‘I am afraid that a few of [1] Al-Majjlisi, Bihār al-Anwār, vol. forty six, p. sixty two. [2] Ibid. an analogous narration has been pointed out in Dā'irat al-Ma'ārif by means of al-Bustāni, vol. nine, p. 355. [3]Wasā'il al-Shi'a, vol. 6, p. 15. [4]Al-Kāfi, vol. four, p. 15. those that beg us are invaluable of being given nutrients. If we don't supply them foodstuff and reproach them, what had befallen Ya‘qūb and his relatives will befall us, the participants of the home. provide the beggars foodstuff! provide them nutrition! Ya‘qūb sacrificed a ram each day. He gave a few of its meat to the bad as alms. He and the individuals of his relatives ate the remainder of its meat. on the time of breaking the quick, on Friday, a believing and fasting beggar whose rank used to be excessive with Allah and who used to be important of being given meals glided by the door of Ya‘qūb’s residence and known as out: ‘Give nutrients from the remainder of your meals to the unusual and hungry beggar! ’ Ya‘qūb and his relatives heard him yet they overlooked his correct and didn't think his phrases. while the beggar despaired of them and the evening overtook him, he went away and spent that evening hungry complaining his starvation to Allah, whereas Ya‘qūb and his relatives spent that evening complete and with additional nutrition. within the morning of that evening, Allah published to Ya‘qūb, announcing: ‘You have abased my servant to the level that you simply and your kids are worthwhile of my wrath and my punishment. Ya‘qūb, the main cute of my prophets for Me and the main honorable with Me are those that have mercy at the bad from between my servants, draw them almost about Me, supply them foodstuff, and defend them. Ya‘qūb, why did you no longer have mercy on my servant, who has committed his lifestyles to worshipping and is secretly content material with that that's past this fabric international?

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