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By Mohammad Amin Sheikho

What's the spirit? the place is the guts of its life? and what's its functionality? what's the soul? the place is the guts of its life? and what's its functionality? what's the notion? the place does it exist? and what's its functionality? what's the brain? the place is its heart? and what's its functionality? what's its relation with the idea? And what are the relatives of the above-mentioned goods to every other?. Researches in regards to the resources of Spring Water on this planet.

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There's no doubt that it takes its water from one of many polar continents. within the ex-Soviet Union the layers wealthy in water together with the artesian exists in Qara Qoum and Qaizeel Qoum and in different deserts. the biggest artesian basin on this planet is found at the west of Siberia among the Ural within the west and River Enese within the east. the realm of this basin is greater than three million sq. kilometers. the biggest artesian basin, additionally exists within the eu facet of the Soviet Union (Moscow and Danebro-Dontisk basins and others). The clean water of those large basins can't be logically stated to be from the rain falls, yet definitely from the adjoining north polar zone. §§§§§§§§§§ we will be able to finish that the polar parts are tremendous reservoirs of our chilly and natural consuming water, and the mountains are yet department reservoirs. The spring openings are enterprise (of changeless, fastened amounts of water) all of the 12 months around, and the rain and snow falling on our parts are just for the irrigation of our vegetation and the animals, yet guy is honoured by way of God so he beverages from the natural raging water of the polar parts. glance how a lot God favours us on many all different creatures. In citadel (100) Al-'Adi'yat (The Wind), verse (4-5): 4-“We transferred and maintained via it immersion,” In Arabic “Atharna” capability transferred and maintained; the final letter in Arabic that is (N) denotes the very best advantages of Almighty Al`lah i. e. His best Names containing Mercy, Charity, Kindness, Compassion as well as different ideal advantages. “…by it…” denotes that self-discipline that resulted in rainfall. “…. Immersion…” refers to that collecting water. 5-“We made it in a medium position for the entire residing creatures”. “Wasatna”, which in “made it in a medium location,” The final letter in Arabic (N) denotes the ultimate advantages of Almighty Al`lah. “… by way of it” refers back to the amassing water. we will be able to interpret this verse as follows: God speaks approximately relocating and holding the water by means of his Mercy, Kindness, Love and Affection and that there's a process wherein the rain falls, gathers jointly and makes that massive polar provide. He tells His creatures that out of HHHis Kindness, Love and Affection He carried the rain water and stored it in these large reservoirs within the polar components, He carried that accumulated water via convinced passages operating below the floor and at applicable proportions which made the springs and rivers on your personal stable. Who keeps, cleans and reforms a lot of these drains and underground passages of those polar waters? those polar waters are enable cross to each island, urban and village worldwide with commonplace proportions the entire yearlong for our personal use? None is guidance and supplying the universe yet You, from your severe Favour and plentiful Generosity, Oh, Al`lah. may well God present you, our nice pupil all love, honouring, appreciate and reverence. you actually deserve all honouring by means of your excessive supremacy, your like to God and your omniscience from God dependent upon witting. could beneficiant God lead us to it via His nice Favour.

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