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By Drew Griffith

By way of imaginatively recreating the play's unique staging and debunking the interpretations of varied critics, together with Aristotle, Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, E.R. Dodds, Frederick Ahl, and John Peradotto, Griffith indicates that Apollo is a continuing, robust presence through the play. He contends that even though we will sympathize with Oedipus as a result of his sufferings, he's nonetheless morally chargeable for murdering his father and drowsing together with his mom. Apollo is accordingly now not detached and his activities will not be unjust. Griffith specializes in Apollo's commandment "know thyself," a commandment Oedipus belatedly and tragically fulfils, to emphasize either the necessity for self-understanding within the learn of old literature and the usefulness of historical literature in attaining self-understanding.

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