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By Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi - XKP

The historic complaints of the Prophet's (s) daughter Fatima Az Zahra, from youth until eventually marriage. Then an account of the sufferings and hardships after the martyrdom of the Holy Prophet (s), until the instant of her martyrdom.




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And this can be Asiah the spouse of the pharaoh, who should be certainly one of your mates in heaven. the opposite is Maryam, daughter of Omran; and this fourth that you simply see is the sister of Musa ibn Omran; Kolthoom! we've come in order that at this hour we could be of relief to you. they usually remained along with her till Fatimah the woman of Islam Opened her eyes to the area. [12] convinced, as proof to this: قال الحق سبحانه: (ان الذين قالوا ربنا اللّه ثم استقاموا تتنزل عليه الملائكة ألاّ تخافوا ولا تحزنوا) “(As for) those that say, Our Lord is Allah, Then proceed within the correct means, the angels descend upon them, announcing: worry now not, nor be grieved. ”[13] right here as well as Angels, girls of excessive worldly prestige rushed to assistance from the devoted persevering Khadijah. The start of this auspicious baby so happy the Prophet (S) that he begun conversing within the compliment and eulogy of God, and the tongues of the ill-wishes who referred to as him “Abtar”[14]were endlessly silenced. God gave tidings of this blessed baby to the Prophet within the Quranic kawthar, announcing: absolutely we've got given you the Kawthar for that reason pray on your Lord and make a sacrifice; absolutely your enemy is the person who will likely be with out posterity. Notes: [7]Nymph of Paradise. (N. T. ) [8]Riyahein-Al-shari’a; vol. 1, pg. 21 [9]“Tooba” the identify of a tree that exists in paradise. (N. T. ) [10] this practice has been comparable with minor changes within the commentaries of Tabari, Abu Ibrahim and Sayyuti. although it is celebrated that the Ascension happened within the final years of the prophet’s remain in Mecca, a few traditions make it identified that ascensions happened on a number of events; so, it's not contradicting the beginning of Fatimah (s. a. ) within the 5th 12 months of his project. [11]This hadith involves us in lots of books of the sunni corresponding to (The heritage of Baghdad) and (Sawa-iqul-Muhriqah) and (Kanz-ul-ommal) and different books. [12]The contents of this Hadith has been narrated via a bunch of sunni students, similar to “Tabari” in “Thakhaer-ul- Uqba” [13]Qur’an, Surat Fussilat 41:30; Translation from M. H. Shakir [14]Meaning a guy with no offspring. (N. T. ) bankruptcy five the intense Love of the Prophet for Zahra “Whenever I lengthy for paradise, I kiss the throat of Fatimah. ”[15] all the historians and masters of the hadith have written that the Prophet (S) had an surprising attachment to his daughter, Fatimah. it's yes that the Prophet’s affection was once not just due to their courting as father and baby, although this sentiment swelled the prophet’s being. The words and phrases the Prophet (S) spoke whilst he expressed his affection for his daughter Fatimah (s. a. ) confirmed that there are different criteria being propounded. This affection is specific. Love of the loved of God is love of God. From the various narratives that experience come to us in this topic it really is sufficient to simply point out the next ones from the well-known books of shi’a and sunni; “There isn't any guy extra enjoyed by way of the Prophet (S) than “the commander of the devoted” Ali (a.

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