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By William Peter Blatty

First released 1961

Hidden away in a brooding Gothic manor within the deep woods is heart Eighteen, a mystery army “rest camp” at the moment housing twenty-seven inmates, all officials who've succumbed to a surprising outbreak of psychological disorder. Have the boys really misplaced their minds, are they just pretending to be insane to prevent wrestle, or is a few extra sinister conspiracy at work?

Desperate for solutions, the Pentagon has positioned an excellent Marine psychiatrist in command of the bottom and its deranged occupants. a guy of deep religion and compassion, Colonel Kane hopes to discover the foundation of the men’s extraordinary obsessions. yet as middle Eighteen descends into chaos, Kane reveals the best problem might be his personal buried demons. . . .

The foundation of an acclaimed 1980 movie (also often called Twinkle, Twinkle, “Killer” Kane), William Peter Blatty's The 9th Configuration is a thought-provoking, blackly comedian trip into the guts of madness—and the outer limits of trust.

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In a nook of the big room a hearth blazed with flame, logs crackling merrily. The inmates have been amassed round Cutshaw. “What’s the plan? ” requested the single named Zook. He was once a wiry and dark-complexioned guy, and had eyes that probed like dying rays, deep-set and shut jointly. “We’ll begin with ‘D,’” spoke back Cutshaw. “‘Acts of insolence a lot too insolent to be famous as insolence. ’ Then from there we visit letters and from—” “Wait a minute, wait a minute,” Corfu interrupted. “Why are we attempting to cast off him? the guy turns out very light; by no means like Colonel Ryan. ” Cutshaw pinned him with scorn. “He is additionally a psychologist—a very best psychologist. He understands an excessive amount of, you horse’s nostril! ” “I like him,” acknowledged Corfu. Cutshaw eyed him for a second, and his expression, it appeared to Corfu, observed a tugging internal clash. Then Cutshaw grew to become to Zook. “Are you prepared, my little superstar? ” “No,” stated Lieutenant Dorian Zook. “What’s my motivation? ” “Fear,” stated Cutshaw, “fear. Stark, staring fright. This boy Kane is cunning Grandma, Zook, the kind that’s relatively harmful. performs it dumb correct as much as his tooth. So preserve your safeguard up each moment! ” That night Kane met Zook. His eyes purple from research, the recent commanding officer used to be ascending to his quarters while the previous pilot approached him. “You! ” rasped Zook. Kane halted, blinked his eyes. “What do you need? ” he requested wearily. “Wrong! ” stabbed Zook. “I’ll ask you again—what do you need? ” Zook bowed his head, mopped his forehead with a sleeve and muttered, “Boy, oh, boy—another one! ” Kane appeared down at his sneakers. “I’m your new commanding officer. i'm Colonel Hudson—” Zook interrupted fiercely, spewing, “Listen, child, i do know who you're! Now why play ‘Let’s Pretend’! ” “What do you suggest? ” requested Kane, taking a look up, abruptly alert. “Pretend what? ” “That you can’t learn my techniques! That we’re now not on the earth Venus and that you’re now not a Venusian! that you just haven’t invaded my brain to make me think I’m nonetheless on the earth! Now come off it, sweetheart; it’s all hypnotic phantasm! I’m no longer in the world and you’re now not an Earthman! We’re knee-deep in fungus and you’re an immense mind! Now don’t provide me tales; simply provide me again my flying belt! ” “Flying belt? ” Kane echoed. “Flying belt? ” mocked Zook, pitching his voice to an insulting falsetto. “Maybe you’re now not a mind in any respect. you'll be a tremendous parakeet! ” Kane attempted edging earlier him. “Later, why don’t we—? ” Zook blocked his passage, his voice loud and significant. “My dollar Rogers flying belt! i would like you to offer it again! ” Kane smiled bleakly. “Oh. I see. so that you can fly? ” “Why do you're thinking that i would like it, dum-dum! So i will be able to play Tinker Bell in Peter Pan? pay attention, straighten out your tentacles, child, I’m nervous approximately you. ” “So am I,” muttered Kane. “Oh, is Venusian wisecrack? appealing, child; that’s all I need—elephant jokes from a bug-eyed monster! ” “Look—” tempered Kane. yet Zook started to bellow. “You’ve bought my house send, you’ve bought my zap gun, you’ve obtained my body—what extra do you need! Why do you need my belt?

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