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By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi - XKP

Death is a fact within which all people think. notwithstanding, it's also a fact which such a lot people wish to continue out of our minds.

In Islam, demise isn't really an finish to our lifestyles; it's a passage, which takes us from this global to the hereafter – the particular objective for our production and the results of our paintings during this existence. no matter if we worry dying or now not depends upon how a lot we now have ready for the reckoning of the Day Judgement.

Preparing for loss of life is a lifetime’s task. It starts at the day you succeed in the age of bulugh and are held answerable for your deeds within the eyes of Almighty Allah. Imam ‘Ali bin Abu Talib (a.s.) has superbly defined the instruction for dying as follows: “Fulfilling the responsibilities, refraining from forbidden [things, and buying noble character.”

In this text, i've got tried to provide many of the issues which all believers are both required or strongly suggested to do exactly prior to dying through the Shari’ah.



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Imam ‘Ali bin Abu Talib (a. s. ) has superbly defined the coaching for demise as follows: “Fulfilling the tasks, refraining from forbidden [things, and buying noble personality. ” listed here, i've got tried to give a few of the issues which all believers are both required or strongly suggested to just do earlier than demise by way of the Shari’ah. bankruptcy 2 In coaching for demise ahead of loss of life, try out your top to fulfil the responsibilities, that are upon you in regard to the creatures in addition to the author. go back to the proprietors no matter what has been given to you as a belief orwrite it down on your will in order that the executor of your will shall go back the belief to its rightful proprietor. In Islam, you're allowed to dispose as much as one-third of your property for whomsoever or no matter what reason you're keen on. As for the 2 thirds, it has to be dispensed between your heirs to the stocks allotted for them within the Shari’ah. Make a will in writing or verbally approximately these spiritual responsibilities you can now not fulfil on your own and which can't be performed in your behalf through others other than after your demise: the qadha prayers, fasting and pilgrimage (hajj), and so forth. you need to specify the quantity from the one-third of your property for use to rent humans to do such deeds. if you can't have the funds for this, then you definately may possibly request your heirs to do unfulfilled rituals in your behalf voluntarily or pay another person to take action. it's also urged, in the event that your monetary situations permit you, to incorporate your deserving family within the one-third of your property. it is suggested to forgive your brethren in iman for no matter what mistaken they could have performed to you. nevertheless, you'll want to ask your brethren in iman to forgive you for the intentional and unintended mistaken you could have performed to them. bankruptcy three on the Time of dying while loss of life techniques you, it truly is wajib on you to lie down in your again in this sort of means that the soles of your ft face the qiblah (direction of Mecca). otherwise you may perhaps flip your mattress in one of these manner that your soles will face the qiblah. if you can't achieve this your self, then it's wajib on people who find themselves with you that will help you. it's endorsed to claim on your own or repeat after another person the statement of religion and assertion of faraj. The announcement of religion: it's a assertion within which you reconfirm your trust in Allah, Prophet Muhammad (s. a. w. ), the twelve Imams (a. s. ), the Qu’ran, and the Day of Judgement. this can be performed as follows: Radhitbu bil-lahi Rabban; Wa bi Muhammadin (sal-laWa bil Islami dinan;l-lahu ‘alayhi Wa alihi) nabiyyan; Wa bil Qur’ani kitaban; Wa bil Ka’bati qiblatan; Wa bi’ Aliyyan waliyyan wa imaman; Wa bil Hasan, wal Husayn Wa Muhammad bin ‘Aliyyan, Wa Jafar ibn Muhammadin; Wa Musa ibn Ja’farin, wa ‘Ali yibn Musa; Wa annal hisaba haqqun; wa annal jannata haqqun;Wa annan nar haqqun Wa annan nar haqqun i've got approved Allah because the Lord, Muhammad (s. a. w. ) because the Prophet, Islam because the faith, the Qur’an because the publication [of God, the Ka’bah because the qiblah. And [I settle for ‘Ali because the waliy [of Allah and [my Imam; and Hassan, Hussein, ‘Ali ibn Hussein, Muhammad ibn ‘Ali, Ja’far ibn Muhammad, Musa ibn Ja’far, ‘Ali ibn Musa, Muhammad ibn ‘Ali, ‘Ali Ibn Muhammad, Hassan ibn ‘Ali, and al-Hujat ibn al-Hassan (a.

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