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By Norman Lewis

This time-tested classic—first released greater than sixty years ago—has helped hundreds of thousands in achieving mastery of English. Word energy Made Easy is the simplest vocabulary builder within the English language. It presents an easy, step by step approach for expanding wisdom and mastery of written and spoken English. prepared in thematic sections—on every thing from the best way to flatter pals and insult enemies to how one can speak accurately approximately technological know-how and medicine—the booklet is written in a full of life, available, and infrequently funny sort, proposing principles and a mode of broadening your wisdom as a vital part of vocabulary-building. the writer delves into etymology to arm the reader to decode strange phrases, offers phonetic pronunciations, provides pointers on averting universal spelling error, and gives precious sections on which fussy, out of date grammar principles are legitimate and that are outmoded or inaccurate and will be thoroughly overlooked. Loaded with important stories, development tests, and quizzes to augment the cloth, this vintage source has helped thousands learn how to converse and write with higher sophistication.

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Do dictators and tyrants occasionally dedicate genocide? YES      NO 15. Are an uxoricidal husband and his mariticidal spouse prone to have a relaxed and affectionate marriage? YES      NO KEY:  1–no, 2–yes, 3–no, 4–no, 5–yes, 6–no, 7–no, 8–yes, 9–yes, 10–yes, 11–yes, 12–no, 13–yes, 14–yes, 15–no are you able to bear in mind the phrases? (I) 1. father-killing (noun) 1. P__________________ 2. wife-killing (noun) 2. U__________________ three. mature lady three. M__________________ four. toadying to humans of effect (adj. ) four. S__________________ five. expert musician five. V__________________ 6. exaggerated patriotism 6. C__________________ 7. turbulent woman (three phrases) 7. T__________________ or H__________________ or V__________________ eight. identify derived from father’s identify eight. P__________________ nine. strong father determine in a ruling place nine. P__________________ 10. strong mom determine in a ruling place 10. M__________________ eleven. motherly eleven. M__________________ 12. motherhood 12. M__________________ thirteen. marriage thirteen. M__________________ 14. one’s tuition or collage 14. A__________________ 15. perspective of catering to wealth or status (noun) 15. S__________________ sixteen. killing of a race or state sixteen. G__________________ 17. dabbling within the positive arts (noun) 17. D__________________ 18. a newbie in a box 18. T__________________ 19. plural of virtuoso (Italian shape) 19. V__________________ 20. having an perspective of over the top patriotism (adj. ) 20. C__________________ 21. inheritance from father 21. P__________________ 22. sheer, obvious 22. D__________________ 23. mother-killing (noun) 23. M__________________ 24. brother-killing (noun) 24. F__________________ 25. sister-killing (noun) 25. S__________________ 26. killing of a person 26. H__________________ 27. killing of one’s ruler 27. R__________________ 28. killing of a child 28. I__________________ 29. killing of one’s husband 29. M__________________ 30. killing of both mother or father or of either mom and dad 30. P__________________ KEY:  1–patricide, 2–uxoricide, 3–matron, 4–sycophantic, 5–virtuoso, 6–chauvinism, 7–termagant, harridan, virago, 8–patronymic, 9–patriarch, 10–matriarch, 11–maternal, 12–maternity, 13–matrimony, 14–alma mater, 15–sycophancy, 16–genocide, 17–dilettantism, 18–tyro, 19–virtuosi, 20–chauvinistic, 21–patrimony, 22–diaphanous, 23–matricide, 24–fratricide, 25–sororicide, 26–homicide, 27–regicide, 28–infanticide, 29–mariticide, 30–parricide are you able to keep in mind the phrases? (II) 1. phrases of comparable which means 1. S__________________s 2. phrases of contrary that means 2. A__________________s three. phrases of an identical sound three. H__________________s or H__________________s four. fatherly four. P__________________ five. protecting and fatherly towards one’s subordinates (adj. ) five. P__________________ 6. older lady 6. M__________________ 7. self-destructive 7. S__________________ eight. which means an analogous (adj. ) eight. S__________________ nine. having contrary meanings (adj. ) nine. A__________________ 10. sounding an analogous yet spelled otherwise (adj. ) 10.

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