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By David Cohen, Peter R. Breggin

Psychiatric medicinal drugs are prescribed to greater than 20 million americans. This ebook goals to persuade us to forestall taking those medicinal drugs, and to teach us the way to do it correctly. The authors contend that when quarter-hour with a doctor or psychiatrist, americans are prescribed drugs that we may well take for years or an entire life, that can do extra damage than strong. We're irritable, frightened, emotionally numbed, bodily fatigued, and mentally dulled. but once we cease taking the medicine, we come across an entire new set of difficulties and setbacks.

The booklet lists the opposed clinical reactions you'll come upon, plus extra own, mental, and philosophical purposes for restricting or rejecting psychiatric medications. approximately part the publication covers retreating out of your drug--how to do it rigorously and slowly, what to anticipate, and the way to get help--with specifics for definite medications and a bankruptcy on easing your baby off them as well.

if you happen to be afflicted by melancholy or one other situation that warrants taking prescribed drugs, you could refute the authors' competition that "the measure to which we endure shows the measure to which we're alive. once we take medications to ease our pain, we stifle our mental and religious life." definitely it'd be wonderful if shall we "find the way to untangle that twisted power and to redirect it extra creatively," yet is that this fairly attainable in all situations? The authors blame our dependence on medicines and psychiatry on immense pharmaceutical-company greenbacks, psychiatric enterprises, or even govt corporations. definitely we're an overmedicated society--but is the reply to take all people off medications? This provocative publication says convinced, and it's absolute to be controversial.

after all, don't burst off any prescribed drugs with no operating heavily with the health care provider who prescribed it, and don't use this publication instead for pro support. --Joan Price

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For example, family physicians or primary care practitioners prescribe the bulk of antidepressants. Yet, to our knowledge, the first systematic advice to family physicians concerning the management of antidepressant discontinuation was published in American Family Physician only in late 2006. 1 What we locate so much annoying is that, even while medical professionals do comprehend approximately the hazards of withdrawal problems from drugs, they often fail to warn their patients. 2 Sometimes they feel too pressed for time to inform their patients about these dangers. Sometimes they simply forget. occasionally they are involved that sufferers will bitch approximately any antagonistic influence that the general practitioner mentions or that the sufferer hears approximately. At different times, medical professionals are easily afraid to deter their sufferers from taking the medicine. However, scientific ethics and sound perform require that physicians propose sufferers approximately withdrawal difficulties. There is no legitimate excuse for not doing so. Once you read this book, you may know much more about withdrawal problems than your physician does. If you are planning to stop or reduce the dose of a psychiatric drug, you may want to share this book with your doctor. When Am I Having a Withdrawal Reaction? Withdrawal reactions can be difficult to recognize. For example, consider the case of George who, two nights earlier, stopped taking the Klonopin (clonazepam) that was prescribed for him at bedtime to help him sleep. It’s the first time in several months that he has tried to fall asleep without his “sleeping pill. ” Since stopping the Klonopin, George has been having more trouble falling asleep than ever before. He has been lying awake for hours worrying about what will happen to him if he can’t ever fall asleep again without drugs. George is most likely having a withdrawal reaction from the Klonopin. For several months, his mind has been combating the results of the drug, which George has taken on a day-by-day foundation. This process has resulted in reactive or compensatory overstimulation of his brain. Now that the drug has been stopped, George’s overstimulated mind has taken over and is retaining George unsleeping. due to the fact that his insomnia is worse than it was once ahead of he begun the Klonopin, his withdrawal reaction can be called a “re-bound”— a worsening of his original symptoms. Alternatively, George could be suffering from psychological fear of giving up the drug. If he wasn’t so scared approximately doing with out a napping pill, he may possibly now not be having so a lot trouble sleeping. Having gotten into the habit of using Klonopin, he may now be afraid to give it up. This withdrawal reaction would be described as psychologically caused, in contrast to the bodily prompted withdrawal difficulties we are more often than not involved with. In such circumstances, George may desire reassurance from his physician that he will get used to sleeping without medication. George could also be suffering from his original insomnia.

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